Beat Economy 200

Thursday March 31 2022
Start: 8:00PM (EST)


1st Round: 8 Producers (Best of 3 Beats)

2nd Round: 4 Producers (Best of 1 Beat)

3rd Round: 2 Producers (Best of 1 Beat)

Judged by KLFTN (founder of Battle of the Beat Makers)


For each round, after both producers play a beat, KLFTN will select the better "BATTLE" beat for that round.  In other words, your beat may be a better beat for a song but, not necessarily a good "BATTLE" beat.  Or, you may have a good "BATTLE" beat but, have a weak mix.  In some instances, KLFTN may consult with the viewers but, the ultimate decision will be made by him.

Beats must be no longer than 60 seconds in length.  Samples are allowed.  No extended vocals throughout the beats.



Over 15 years experience in screening 1,000's of producers and beats and discovering some legendary names such as: Grammy Award Winning and Diamond Selling producer Boi-1da, Grammy Award Winning and Multiple Platinum Selling producer T-Minus, Grammy Award Winning and Diamond Selling producer Nineteen85, Grammy Nominated and Multiple Platinum Selling producer Sevn Thomas, Grammy Nominated and Multiple Platinum Selling producer WondaGurl, Multiple Platinum Selling producer FrancisGotHeat, Platinum Selling producer Pops, Grammy Nominated producer Arthur McArthur, Grammy Nominated producer DZL, Grammy Nominated producer and Platinum Selling producer Jordon Manswell, Platinum Selling producer Blank, Multiple Platinum Selling producer Bijan Amir, Y-Not, Pro Logic, Sarcastic Sounds, Denise De'ion, Eli Brown +++


Winner gets $200 Cash + Home Page Takeover on the site (minimum of 24 hours).  This includes: Feature Winning Beat, Bio, Resume, Stats, Battle Video + Contact Info.

By submitting your application you confirm that you have read and agreed to these Terms & Conditions.