UNKWN Sample Flip Battle

Sunday March 28 2021
Start: 8:00PM (EST)


1st Round: 16 Producers (Sample #1)

2nd Round: 8 Producers (Sample #2)

3rd Round: 4 Producers (Sample #3)

4th Round: 2 Producers (Sample #4)

Guest Judge: UNKWN


For each round, after both producers play their sample flip, UNKWN will select a winner of the round based on: Creativity, Originality, Mix and Initial Reaction.

All beats must be no longer than 60 seconds in length.


All producers who register will get 1 free sample pack of choice from UNKWN's Sample Library.

Top 15 producers will get 3 free sample pack's of choice from UNKWN's Sample Library.

Winner will get 10 free sample pack's from UNKWN's Sample Library (complete library + future packs).

UNKWN Music Library Master Clearance Agreement can be found here:

By submitting your application you confirm that you have read and agreed to these Terms & Conditions.