Industry Reviews

Toronto Sound Vol. 1 is a refreshing and nostalgic peak into the grind of a young visionary that unknowingly has a very significant hand in shaping how people look at Toronto's entertainment industry today and for eternity.  This book shows hard work, tenacity and persistence at its finest.  Textbook worthy content from a Toronto legend.

- Jordon Manswell (BBM 2014 Champ) - Oct 2016

Toronto Sound Vol. 1 is a raw breakdown of the history behind the Battle of the Beat Makers and the “Pre-Drake“ era.  Discovering the long list of prolific producers that have competed in the Battle is amazing.  You start to see whose really responsible for the Toronto sound we all love today.

- Chase Wav (BBM 2016 Champ) - Oct 2016

Many times we witness artists just pop out of no where and become big stars....but the truth is this is not the case, there are many people and factors that come into play.  Toronto Sound gives you a rare glimpse into how seemingly unrelated key players work together to produce some of the biggest stars of today....its like “The Get Down“ set in the late 2000s with a Toronto producers twist.

- Ellis Iyomahan (Manager, Play De Record) - Oct 2016

“Toronto Sound Vol. 1“ is a must read!  As someone that grew up in Toronto, this book is an accurate detailed time line to Toronto's rise in fame in the Hip-Hop production game. Outlining Boi-1da's rise to super producer (and many other familiar heavyweights in the game) this is an interesting read if you wanna learn the history of Battle of the Beat Makers and the Toronto music scene.

- Mal Kombala (Producer) - Oct 2016

Honestly the book was a very great read.  It made me realize just how influential BBM has been on the Toronto hip hop scene.  As someone who was recently part of the BBM competition, it made me appreciate its history that much more.

- Sarcastic Sounds (Producer) - Oct 2016

I have finished reading the book called Toronto Sound Vol. 1. There's a lot of things I didn't know about for example. . . how this competition came into existence and once a person has an idea... all it takes is people who believe in you to make that vision come true. It's interesting that this competition started in 05. I started making beats in 08 so I was 3 years late. Anyways, the book taught me a lot about Canadian Hip-Hop and how us Canadians do have our own style but still chose to follow the States. In any event. . . Music is Music!

- Choicez (Producer) - Oct 2016

Have you every wondered how the largest city north of the border developed a unique sound in the music game?  Toronto Sound Vol. 1 is the perfect way to get your history on why we have this infectious energy. You take influences from American hip hop/soul to reggae and rock in one of the most culturally diverse cities on the earth and you get something very special. As a producer who has competed in many beat battles from T.O. to N.Y. (including Battle of the Beat Makers) I've had the opportunity to hear first hand how different environments inspire different styles of music production. This book cleverly ties the battle scene with the underground and popular hip hop industry giving you a very real look at the roots of the Toronto Sound.  Any music lover will enjoy the read

- Darreyl Dennis (Roland Canada) - Oct 2016