Qualification Process

A panel of five to ten music industry professionals, taste makers, trendsetters and/or award winning personalities has been selected to screen each producer’s submissions.  Every year a new cast of music industry personalities are selected to screen submitted productions.  Each submission is graded with an overall numerical value.  The 128 highest scoring submissions are selected for the live screening process, which will result in 64 producers moving on to the preliminaries battles.  From here, 32 producers will make it to the Main Event.

The qualification judging process is a really meticulous one and not taken lightly.  All submissions are treated with exactly the same respect and judgement regardless of previous years’ submissions, competition results, and/or position within the music industry.


  • Only producers with their application forms completed by the submission deadline will be considered for the qualification process to make the pre-select list of 128 producers.  Post-screening session, 64 selected producers and 11 reserves will be chosen in case there are any last minute dropouts from the 64 selected producers.
  • Submissions are judged on Originality, Quality, Diversity, Complexity, Impact and Creativity.
  • Productions submitted with samples are allowed.
  • Productions submitted with vocal samples over the entire submission is frowned upon. (Especially if it’s an actual track with artist vocals on it).
  • Productions submitted that are loops from beginning to end with no breakdowns or switch ups in pattern is always frowned upon.
  • Productions from already released tracks featured as singles or on an album or mixtape are also frowned upon.  It may be a hot beat but 90 per cent of the time the crowd and judges are looking for tracks they haven’t heard before.
  • Be mindful that you are submitting productions that will be entertaining a crowd but, also displaying your skills to a panel of music industry professionals.  IMPRESS THE JUDGES – LET THEM KNOW YOU CAN MOVE THE CROWD!!
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! If you don’t believe in yourself then why waste your time and others with something you are unsure of?
  • Submit your best original productions. Both submissions should carry the excitement you will instill in the crowd during the competition.  Submitting one banger and one filler track won’t score you high enough ratings.
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