• For each round, after both producers play a beat, 11 randomly selected viewers, will vote for the better beat.

  • Producers in the battle, who are also one of the 11 randomly selected viewers, cannot vote for their own beats.  A mutual viewer will be selected to vote in place of any producer in this situation.

  • Generally, a score of 6 votes wins the round.  6/11 Majority Rules.  Again, if a producer in the battle makes up one of these 6 votes, they will be replaced by a mutual viewer.

  • If a producer gets 7 or more votes they automatically win the round.

  • The above rules apply to both Beat Economy 200 & Beat Economy 500 only!  For Beat Economy 1000 & Sample Flip 1000, 3 Guest Judges will decide the winners of those battles.

  • Online Battles will be available live on our Twitch channel and later posted on our YouTube channel.

Questions: info@soundsupremacy.com
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